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I agree that all the above information is correct.  I am aware that any changes have to be made 1 WEEK prior to scheduled event.  I agree to pay the amount indicated above before  or after the event.  I am aware that any cancellation will result in NO REFUND.  I am aware that if event was to be stopped for any reason before amount of time has expired there will NOT be a REFUND.  I am aware that DC Entertainment has the rights to end there service at any time during the event without giving a refund due to misconduct from the party attendees (a warning will be given).  The characters have the right to take two-5 minute brakes for every hour (the amount of time taken on brake does not count toward your time).  DC Entertainment is not responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur with any of the games or equipment used during your event.  You are responsible for the equipment being rented (if damage to the equipment is to occur you are responsible to pay the cost.)